About your visit

COVID-19 precautions

Please see the COVID-19 page to familiarize yourself with the precautions we are taking to make it safe for you to visit.

Other information about your visit

On the first visit there are a few forms to fill in. During the initial osteopathic consultation a full case history is taken which will involve detailed questioning about the problem you have, as well as information on past medical history. This helps to build up a picture of how your injury or pain has developed and ways that osteopathy might help.

An examination is then carried out. You may be asked to remove some clothing so the relevant area can be assessed. You may be asked to make some simple movements and lie in various positions.

You will then be given a diagnosis (if this is possible) and an explanation of the problem and how many treatments will be needed.

Treatment then follows. An initial osteopathic consultation takes about 1 hour and subsequent treatments half an hour.

Sometimes exercises or hydrotherapy (water based) treatments are given for you to do at home between visits.

It is advisable to wear loose clothing when you visit.